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Python API

HARK.core High-level functions and classes for solving a wide variety of economic models.
HARK.dcegm Functions for working with the discrete-continuous EGM (DCEGM) algorithm as described in “The endogenous grid method for discrete-continuous dynamic choice models with (or without) taste shocks” by Iskhakov et al.
HARK.estimation Functions for estimating structural models, including optimization methods and bootstrapping tools.
HARK.interpolation Custom interpolation methods for representing approximations to functions.
HARK.parallel Early version of multithreading in HARK.
HARK.simulation Functions for generating simulated data and shocks.
HARK.utilities General purpose / miscellaneous functions.
HARK.validators Decorators which can be used for validating arguments passed into decorated functions
HARK.ConsumptionSaving.ConsAggShockModel Consumption-saving models with aggregate productivity shocks as well as idiosyn- cratic income shocks.
HARK.FashionVictim.FashionVictimModel Specifies a dynamic model of fashion selection in a world with only two styles: jock and punk.

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